Replacement in 1 Day

Now the replacement of your old frames can be done very easily, in just a few hours and most importantly, without extra repairs. DORAL offers you the exclusive, internationally patented and certified RenoSystem replacement system with which gives you the possibility to change your old frames in just a few hours and your place does not need to be left open not even for one night.

The installation of DORAL frames is accomplished in a very short time by our experienced and specialized team, always in accordance with European standards. After each installation, DORAL associates will leave your space clean, just as they found it.

After-sales services

When you acquire DORAL products, you do not only enjoy our frames' high quality and unique aesthetic, but you also enjoy our care even after your purchase. In the improbable event that the after-sales service is required, we respond immediately to provide the appropriate solution. 

In this way, we show you in practice that the customer for us is not just a customer, but a lifetime relationship. A team of qualified technicians is at your disposal for advice or any technical problem that may occur and for the maintenance of your frames.