Why Doral

Why Doral

We are one of the few companies in the European Union that from the conception of the idea to the implementation of the final products we design, develop, improve and produce our final products, DORAL products (windows & doors, entrance security doors, shutters, insect screens, garage doors and many other accompanying and/or personalized products).

All our products are implemented according to the European standards (EN-European Norms), without the slightest deviation and then the final products are certified by the most distinguished for these services European institutes of door and window technology.

quality trans

For the ranking and certification of our final products in the highest categories, we select the most suitable and certified raw materials for this purpose (of European origin). Our production processes are certified according to the international standard of ISO 9001/2015 quality management. For the continuous updating of the installed quality management system, inspections are carried out every year by the most valid inspection bodies.

trust trans

Our alpha value is maintaining the trust you show in our products. And this trust is a trigger for us to work even more methodically, in order to develop and maintain the same always strong working relationship with you.

variety trans

The variety of our products is extremely large. At the same time, it is accompanied by -almost- unlimited possibilities of choice of colors, equipment, glazing and functions. See our products in detail.

support trans

In the improbable event that the after-sales service is required, we respond immediately to provide the appropriate solution. Thus, we show in practice our devotion to our continuous and constant presence in you who trust us. Learn more about our services.

green trans

All our products and all our business operations are anthropocentric. For their promotion, the main goal is the minimal burden on the natural environment. We collect, separate and deliver all production scrap to certified companies for this purpose.